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Garrett Zambrows

Founder of Riding Against Traffic, rode 8,000 miles in 2013, supporting American Baptist Missionaries Mylinda Baits and Debbie Kelsey as well as CASA of Tippecanoe Co. and Deborah's House

Convinced he had just had the experience of a lifetime, he was insistent on sharing it with others. In 2014, in conjunction with the 200th anniversary of American Baptist International Ministries, Garrett lead a group on a week long bike tour, while raising funds to feed refugee families on the Myanmar/Cambodia border. 

In 2015, Garrett developed a curriculum for communities to get involved and have an impact in the lives of those most vulnerable to being trafficked.  The community at Underwood Memorial Baptist Church took on the experiment and ran with it, partnering with Exploit no More and Pathfinders in the Milwaukee Area.

Finally, in 2016, Garrett added a new face to the ministry, Hannah and her Revolution of Love. With Hannah fulfilling his quest of enabling the crazy people to go out and make the world a better place, he's been inspired to hit the road again, using all he's learned so far in his new initiative Project Jericho.