Riding Against Traffic is a cycling ministry with the explicit goal of ending Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that affects millions worldwide. 

Through conversation, the process of addressing it can be ignited, and stoking the flame will take dedication and utilization of gifts and talents directed towards the world's needs.

Started in 2013, Riding Against Traffic set out to meet with churches and communities across the U.S. and engage in meaningful discussion while supporting missionaries around the world.

In 2014, R@T encouraged others to join in on the fun through a guided cycling tour culminating at the American Baptist Churches-USA World Missions Conference in Green Lake, WI.

In 2015, R@T engaged the community at Underwood Memorial Baptist Church of Wauwatosa, WI for 6 weeks with the goal of developing a strategy of action to address the sources of desperation that lead into Human Trafficking.

In 2016, R@T took on Revolution of Love, another cycling tour throughout the U.S. aimed at raising local community awareness while supporting global missions.