About Riding Against Traffic

How did it start?
Riding Against Traffic started out as a mission with the primary goal being to start a conversation in communities around the country about human trafficking, both to raise community awareness and to conduct investigation on the issue. The secondary purpose was to raise financial support for missionaries Mylinda Baits and Debbie Kelsey, as well as CASA Tippecanoe.

Garrett Zambrows set out to accomplish this task taking a rather creative approach. In 2013, Garrett spent four months bicycling 8,000 miles across the Unites States. During his journey, he stopped to speak at mostly churches, a few conferences, camps, and civic organizations.

Where is it now?
At some point along his journey, Garrett realized he was experiencing something extraordinary, and that there are many other people who could benefit from a similar experience. Garrett dreamed of the possibility of sharing his story and leading smaller bike rides in such a way that it would encourage action and facilitate at least a small fraction of what he experienced on his journey. In doing so, the hope is that people will be inspired to take on something bigger than themselves. This dream is now being fulfilled in July of 2014. More details can be found on the Current Projects page, and you can learn more about Garrett on the About Garrett page.